The American Songbag [Carl Sandburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Songs from The American Songbag by Carl Sandburg I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago Sandburg: “Folk lore tells of giants and long-lived men. Results 1 – 15 of 15 The American Songbag by Sandburg, Carl and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at

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The song came to them at Santa Fe from a buckaroo who was last heard of as heading for the Border with friends in both Tucson and El Paso. Keep her feet from slippin’ through, ’cause I love her, ‘deed I do, An’ I hopes to meet her in that other worlY’ 5 De judge held co’t de very next day; Martin F.

Thus we have it from Pauline Jacobson and friends in San Francisco.

Songs from ‘The American Songbag’ by Carl Sandburg

Many a line has a sting and a bite in it, a cry of the frustrated fool, sitting in the ashes of defeat and humiliation. Chestnuts raw and boiled and roasted, Apples sliced and onions toasted, Peanuts not a few. Not “the peepul” of the politicians, nor the cus- tomers of Tin Pan Alley, but rather The Folks, the common human stream that has counted im- mensely in the history of music. I feel so” break-up I want to go home!


It is communicated by Neeta Marquis of Los Angeles, who says it is too finely sweet a. Used book in very good condition Has very little wear and tear on the cover. God bless those moonshiners, I wish they were mine, Their breath smells as sweet as the good old moonshine. Planting corn in February “with a Texas pony and a grasshopper plow,” however, is a farming trick the Ken- tuckians first heard of after they left “the Gascony of America” and took up claims in the Sunflower state.

The American Songbag

There are groups of railroad, hobo, work-gang, steamboat songs. Given anywhere with ease, feeling, control, it may leave echoes as thin and air-hung as certain apparitions of a clear night’s sky of stars.

The first verse and melody are from Lillian K. That is, it holds an honest and independent poetry.

American Song Bag by Sandburg, Carl

Or have you paid rny fee? Gnawing for lack of food. Gift inscription inside cover. Leave out the last two lines if you like, but don’t forget that among antiques this song somgbag as quaint to some of us as a mezzotint portrait in the lid of a snuff box of one sobgbag General Washington’s staff officers. Down, Down Deny Down repeat this line after each verse. Rockwood was told, is a word for our shack or shanty. Studied under myself and God.

Poetry of this factitious kind may beguile one at twenty, but what can one make of it at fifty? It stages its own little drama and characters. I saw Samson when he laid the village cold, And saw Daniel tame the lions in the hold, And helped build the tower of Babel, Up as high as they were abel, And there’s lots of other things I haven’t told. Come and sit songhag my side if you love me, Do not hasten to bid me adieu, Songbbag remember the Red River Valley And the girl that has loved you so true.

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Thorvald Otterstrorn is a compound of toil, technical knowledge, and genius.

His moods of work and methods of approach have a generous gamut. Where where are the Hebrew children? During 1, all join hands, boys being at the left of their partners, and circle left.

Thanks are due that sterling Brooklyn citizen, W. We reckon it a privilege that Sowerby could undertake the musical settings for sixteen of our songs. Repeat with left hands and circle right.

There were no fences; then came bartied wire. Has made extensive studies of American folk music.

Tie my bones to his back, turn our faces to the West, And we’ll ride the prairie that we love the best.