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Yale Simon Reader; B. The study provided some of the important early data on the potential role of genetic factors in the predisposition to the common forms of obesity including abdominal and visceral adiposity, well before it became a topic of general interest. In particular, the QFS cohort was used to investigate the contribution of familial resemblance and genetic effects on body fatness and behaviors related to energy balance.

Recent analyses of the data from QFS also allowed establishing some links with relevant biomarkers. Familial resemblance in fatness indicators. Laval Paul Harrison; B. Download this module Print View. Body fatness in active individuals reporting low lipid and alcohol intake. Yale on sabbatical — Effect of calcium intake on fat oxidation in adults: Genome-wide search for genes related to the fat-free body mass in the Quebec family study.

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Given the presence of familial resemblance for obesity-related phenotypes, further studies were undertaken to determine the extent to which this familial resemblance could be attributed to genetic differences and to assess the heritability of the underlying phenotypes. Familial correlations in the Quebec family study: Insufficient sleep as a contributor to weight gain: Anatomy and Cell Biology: Conclusion In summary, QFS has contributed significantly over the last three decades to our understanding of the etiology bouchwrd obesity.

A novel interaction between dietary composition and insulin boichard Literature review Critique the scientific literature, both policy and practice, with regard to children and physical activity. Recent human studies have indeed provided support for a modest effect of calcium intake on appetite control [ 84 — 86 ]. PhD thesis, University of Leeds; Calcium intake, body composition, and lipoprotein-lipid concentrations in adults.


Do all sedentary activities lead to weight gain: Engage in and critically analyse a physical activity intervention that involves assessment of fundamental movement skills, anthropometric measurements and physical fitness of children.

This module focuses on the key principles concerned with physical activity and children.

Familial aggregation of abdominal visceral fat level: Table 4 Boucharr versus nontraditional risk factors and incidence of adult overweight and obesity in the Quebec Family Study. Teach and asess proficiency in locomotor, object control and stability skills of a class group in a primary school setting. One of the early decisions that had to be taken was related to the selection of the tools to be used in assessing dietary and activity behavior.


While the prior learning is expressed as named CIT module s it also allows for learning in another module or modules which is equivalent to the learning specified in the named module s. Eating behavior correlates of adult weight gain and obesity in healthy women aged 55—65 y. Another potential mechanism could be related to appetite control.

Familial aggregation of physical activity level was also investigated in another study using only subjects from nuclear families [ 13 ]. Cross-trait familial resemblance for body fat and blood pressure: Physical activity guidelines for children.

This study was the first to provide evidence that a gene affecting eating behaviors was associated with a predisposition to obesity.

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The association between bouchzrd duration and weight gain in adults: Chair in Genetics and Nutrition. A single threshold value of waist girth identifies normal-weight and overweight subjects with excess visceral adipose tissue. Odds ratios OR and confidence intervals CI calculated by logistic regression analysis.


Coursework Only This module is reassessed solely on the basis of re-submitted coursework. Best evidence of linkage with obesity-related traits derived from genome-wide linkage studies undertaken in the Quebec Family Study.

The objective of the present review is to highlight some of the genetic and behavioral findings with regards to body weight, adiposity, adipose tissue distribution and obesity.

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You may not earn additional credit for the same learning and therefore you may not enrol in this module if you have successfully completed any modules in the incompatible list.

In an environment where energy-dense foods are highly palatable and readily available, caloric intake may be directly proportional to the time spent awake, especially if most of wakefulness is spent in screen-based sedentary activities where snacking is common [ 63 ].


Louisiana State University Press; The resources of QFS were also used to study the contribution of several nontraditional non-caloric risk factors as predictors of excess body weight and gains in weight and adiposity over time, including low calcium and micronutrient intake, high disinhibition eating behavior trait, and short sleep duration. The key limitations of QFS need to be highlighted in order to put these observations into perspective.

Details on recruitment procedures and other aspects of QFS can be found in a previous review [ 1 ] and other publications that have appeared since then see Supplementary material. Centre for Research in Neuroscience: These analyses showed a significant positive association between fat mass or subcutaneous adiposity and percent energy intake as lipid.

Session plans for the teaching and assessment of fundamental movement skills, anthropometric measurements and physical fitness of children.