Abstract. VALDERRAMA BEDOYA, Francisco Javier. Emmanuel Mounier ‘s Personalism and His Relation with Colombian Political Constitution. Opin. jurid. Colectivismo Se convierte el sujeto en un número. Individualismo Incapacita la comunicación. Objetivos. Unión cuerpo-alma. Salir de uno. Transcript of Emmanuel Mounier – Personalismo Cree en la esperanza frente a la angustia y el pesimismo Acentúa el valor de la persona.

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The Character of Man. Mathieu, John; Maynard, M.

Johnson, David W; Johnson, Roger. Presses universitaires de France. Second, using the theoretical research method, it aims to analyze in depth those dimensions of the human person proposed by Mounier, which would enrich the student’s all-round development.

Books by Emmanuel Mounier

This article has no associated abstract. In addition, as mentioned above, cooperative learning allows the playing of different roles on a rotating basis within the group Johnson et al. Group work allows individual responsibility to be diluted in that of the group, thus encouraging its members when they have to carry out their tasks; however, the fact that each person knows that he is responsible not only for his own success and failure, but also for that of the other team members, exerts a pressure that will prevent him from relaxing his efforts.

Results from an intervention”. The idea of a university. While Personalism is not wholly identified with Emmanuel Mounier’s thought, he is considered the founder and one of the most influential philosophers of this philosophical tendency Burgos Hence emerges his critics to the various totalitarianism and the capitalism, as well as his proposal of a sociability compatible with the personal dignity.


Recent methods and effects on achievement, attitudes and ethnic relations”. No keywords specified fix it. This paper discusses the need to answer the question of what it is to be a person, if we want to give students a truly all-round education, in accordance with the purposes of the European Higher Education Area.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Translated by Cynthia Rowland. Melroth, Michel, and Deering, Paul. Therefore, we can say the thought of Mounier is better understood when we try to perceive the interconnections between the anthropological and political concerns presented in his philosophy.

Gendreau – – The Personalist Forum 8 Supplement: All people have a natural desire to know Aristotle trans.

I am given to myself and the world preexists me. Bologna Working Group on Qualifications Frameworks. Emmanuel Mounier – – Longmans, Emnanuel and Co.

Emmanuel Mounier: Personalismo by Laura López Criado on Prezi

This work adopts the anthropological view of the human being of Thomas Aquinas, followed by that of existentialist philosophy and Personalism, which sees the human person as a unity of body and spirit, through which it knows senses and intelligencedesires will and feels affectivity ; both intelligence and will are faculties that refer to another entity, because the person knows something and desires something, whereas affectivity is a purely subjective aspect of the person, which accompanies his actions.


Published online before print September Problems of general psychology. Lave, Jean, and Wenger, Etienne Theory, research, and practice 2nd ed. The values of the human person can be explained on this basis, since these are the ideals that guide the person in his personal growth, and in this way generate the motivations or reasons for his actions.

However, it is difficult to act in accordance with these values when the person is forced to confront reality and is free to choose; so with regard to the former, the student must commit himself to being persistent in his self-regulation, and with regard to the latter, he must learn to respect the limits imposed by the existence of others, to take responsibility for his actions, and to use his creativity to fulfill himself.

Politics and Belief in Contemporary France: Educational Researcher, 38 5: His dignity determines the values which motivate his actions, and since, as explained above, the person is oriented by his essence to seek what is true and to desire what is good Aristotle, trans.

Jacobsen, Douglas, and Jacobsen, Rhonda H.