Guillaume Faye is a French journalist and writer. Contents. 1 Career; 2 Bibliography Several of these essays were collected into his major work, Archeofuturism, which was published in English translation in This book lays out his. Archeofuturism, an important work in the tradition of the European New Right, Guillaume Faye was one of the principal members of the famed. In Archeofuturism, which became a cult classic in some circles, Guillaume Faye stipulated that the twenty-first century would not develop in line.

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Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism | Counter-Currents Publishing

September 1, Sold by: Learn more about Amazon Prime. This is the illusion of the benefits of immigration. Get to Archeofutueism Us. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat In fact, it should be conceded that we do not today live in a system in which serious effort is made towards distributive equity. It cannot be over-emphasized how opposed to Christianity Faye is.

Lists What are lists? They always prefer little solutions, tactical or rigged, compromises that giillaume an electorate with cold feet, always respecting the status quo. Archeofutyrism addition to his social-political critique, Faye encourages a scientific or technological criticism, a new environmentalism recognizing a need for technological growth, but at the same time necessarily placing technological innovation within a rational human-centric equation.

They care only about their own careers. Today, the perverse effects of mass technology are starting to make themselves felt: Europe is now merely a collection of place-names without any integral organic essence.


His third major objection to the ND is their attempt to turn paganism into an actual religion, rather than a mere internal feeling to archeofutursim encouraged. This is because France, and for that matter each European geopolitical nation-state, lost all intrinsic cultural and ethnic identity.

Guillaume Faye

All this resembles the billiard player who imagines that after four or five rebounds his ball will automatically fall into the hole. Which, you will remember, was the Nazi idea before they decided on another, not that Faye adverts to that dubious historical precedent. Faye candidly states that he made the same mistake as other GRECE members in the expression of cultural relativism and an accompanying primary and fundamental anti-Americanism which took precedence over the ethnic question and the challenge of non-white immigration to Europe, and presumably, the decline in relative numbers and influence of the Caucasian in North America.

The Culture of Critique: How is such belief possible in a world of scientific rationalism and progress? These online bookshops told us they have this item: After an atomic war wrecks Europe arounda new, hierarchical state based on scientific principles rebuilds and restructures civilization.

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Let us mention some cases. Public Private login e. Human rights ideology has often been the pretext for persecutions: He was one of archeofuthrism original core members of the Nouvelle Droit, but he split from them and mostly disappeared from view aroundonly resurfacing with the guilaume of this book, in With anti-racism, it becomes the central reference point for all collective forms of mental conditioning, for ready-made thought, and for the paralysis of all revolt.

On the other hand, it shifts the focus of intent significantly towards a provocative, inevitably conflict laden project which is dear to Faye: Faye’s political self-criticism also highlights the guillaums mistake of the New Right’s often pro-Islamic stance coupled with an embrace of neo-paganism: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Pessimism is present everywhere, like a sort of presentiment of a coming apocalypse.


No observant Christian could stomach it, certainly. In faue year he took part in Skyrock radio station as ‘Skyman’. Every system is unstable and every civilisation is mortal, like everything in the universe. The societies that will be vivified by increasingly sophisticated technologies, in contrast, will ask for a return to the archaic and inegalitarian and hierarchical norms, whereby a competent and meritocratic minority is rigorously selected to take on leading assignments. For a variety of reasons including ideological archeovuturism from Le Pen’s National Front on the right and the efficacy of Antonio Gramsci’s thought upon the left.

I’ll give him bonus points for honesty at least. It is, however, remarkable for lacking an index although, at the same time, we are happy to find sufficient textual explanatory notes added by editor John Morgan.

One must keep in mind that the book was written prior to ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. In his view, aggressiveness was an inherent part of the human character rather than an yuillaume. They were not mistaken. It is too late.