Mircea Eliade was a Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at Youth”), and the short stories Secretul doctorului Honigberger (“The Secret of Dr. Honigberger”) and La Țigănci (“With the Gypsy Girls”). La tiganci [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O data cu primul sau volum de nuvele, publicat la Madrid in si reluat dupa. La tiganci [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aceasta carte face parte din colectia Biblioteca scolara a editurii Cartex

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She was considering him with interest, as if waiting for him to wake up. He got up, took a eliaed steps up the street to see if a tram was in sight. I read this for school, and it was one of the few mandatory books that I enjoyed! In The Structure of Religious Knowing: They crossed the garden and walked out without opening the gates.

Mircea Eliade – Wikipedia

In viewing himself as the proper maker of history, nonreligious man resists all notions of an externally for instance, divinely imposed order or model he must obey: This time, however, his head did not turn. Instead, these religions embrace the concept of linear history progressing toward the Messianic Age or the Last Judgmentthus initiating the idea of “progress” humans are to laa for a Paradise in the future.

The pre- Islamic Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which made a notable “contribution to the religious formation rliade the West”, [] also has a linear sense of time. Many of Mircea Eliade’s literary works, in particular his earliest ones, are noted for their eroticism and their focus on subjective experience.

He suddenly felt that he was naked, and crouched down, his hands on the carpet and his forehead protruding, as if ready to start a running race. As he walked into the corridor the heat became unbearable.

In fact, he calls the coincidentia oppositorum “the mythical pattern”. The Germans have no interest in the destruction of Romania. He was drawn back to it, yet he knew he could not live there, and that all was not well with it.


His interest in the two writers led him to learn Tigsnci and English in private, and he also began studying Persian and Hebrew. The Sacred contains all value, and the world gains purpose and meaning only through hierophanies:. There, he is put through a series of challenges that will leave his mind leering and thoroughly confused, only to manage to get out of the brothel, and to realize that 8 years have passed ever since he took his first step into the brothel, and now everything he used to know is gone.

Thus, Eliade concludes, “Christianity incontestably proves to be the religion of ‘fallen man'”, of modern man who has lost “the paradise of archetypes and repetition”. Robert Ellwood, a professor of religion who did his graduate studies under Mircea Eliade, [11] saw this type of nostalgia as one of the most characteristic themes in Eliade’s life and academic writings.

As the widower later wrote, the disease was probably caused by an abortion procedure she had undergone at an early stage of their relationship.


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He wanders into the shade of the walnut trees, instantly transposed away from the city, and is at once welcomed by a young gypsy pulling him into elizde house. In addition to his political essays, the young Mircea Eliade authored others, philosophical in content.

You are the gypsy! Unknown Bindingpages. Eliade claims mircez many myths, rituals, and mystical experiences involve a “coincidence of opposites”, or coincidentia oppositorum. She was sitting at a low table in front of a cup of coffee. You are asking me, then, to give up my eoiade existence and to take refuge in an abstraction, in pure Being, in the atman: The Sacred and the Profane: It was during his student years that Eliade met Nae Ionescuwho lectured in Logicbecoming one of his disciples and friends.


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It seemed to be a different room; yet he recognized those screens that had drawn his attention as soon as he had come in, symmetrically disposed in between armchairs, sofas, and mirrors. For example Maitreyi wasn’t really my cup of tea. Ttiganci had again the feeling that the voice was whizzing past as it rushed from a distance.

He crossed the street to wait for a tram going in the opposite direction. As a rule, I’m not really that into Mircea Eliade. Gavrilescu turned to one of the other passengers who had been looking pensively out the window.

A work that drew particular interest was his Jurnal portughez “Portuguese Tiyancicompleted during his stay in Lisbon and published only after its author’s death. He was aware of an insidious exotic perfume, and heard the clapping of hands. The garden, however, was much larger. Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non-fiction alike, publishing over 1, pieces over 60 years.

“La Ţigănci” by Mircea Eliade on Behance

Gavrilescu carefully avoided them, not knowing their shape and being afraid to upset them. Because of his ability to communicate with the mirea and descend to the land of the dead, the shaman frequently functions as a psychopomp and a medicine man.

While traveling and teaching in Western Europe in the years following the second World War, he wrote anti-communist pieces in Luceafarula Romanian-language publication aimed toward the advancement of young writers of the new communist state.

Catalin Sipos rated it it was amazing Apr 01, In mirccea of his writings, Eliade describes modern political ideologies as secularized mythology.